Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air. This week we've been seeing the temperatures climb to a comfortable mid 70's here in the South. It's been a nice change from the cold freezing temps that seem to have plagued us these past few months. Normally we get a few cold snaps here and there but never a stretch of cold weather for so long. I must say I'm beyond anxious of the arrival of Spring.

My husband and I have made it our daily routine to go for a evening stroll when he gets in from work. I believe it helps him unwind and gives us an opportunity to discuss our daily events without any disruptions. We have beautiful nature trails near our home and often run into neighbors jogging or walking their dogs. It's always nice to take the opportunity to catch up.

One of the privileges of walking the nature trails are all the wonderful wildlife we come across. We see a lot of squirrels, birds, and most recently rabbits. That's when you know Spring is just around the corner when you see the bunnies come out. We saw the most adorable brown bunny and her little baby. Another sign of Spring are the flowers. My lawn is beginning to change into a deep green and my neighbor's flower bed looks amazing. She has planted pink tulips. They are absolutely stunning.

Spring represents new life. It's when the flowers and trees begin to bloom, animals come out of hibernation, the birds begin to nest, etc... It's such a lovely time of year. However, it's also the time of year when I take a few days to schedule a deep Spring cleaning. It's when we clean the garage, attic, closets, cabinets, carpets, etc. I'm always amazed what we come across each Spring when we decide to deep clean the house. How do we accumulate so much stuff is beyond me. But I'm glad we take the opportunity to declutter before it gets out of hand.

Not only does my house need a Spring cleaning but my life also needs a deep declutter. I take the opportunity to find time away from the hectic schedule and obligations that weighs me down daily. During that alone time I concentrate on what needs to be eliminated or designated out of my life. It's shocking on the little things that add up to an unbearable load sometimes. Often little things go unnoticed because we are too busy to stop and see them. We run here and there and by the end of the day we collapse with zero reserves. Do you ever feel that you are rushed, exhausted, and can't find any free time? Then perhaps you need to do a Spring cleaning of your life. This is how I Spring clean my schedule.....

1.) Schedule alone time so I can think without being disrupted.
2.) Turn off the phone, computer, and television.
3.) Pray that God will show me what I need to de-clutter from my schedule.
4.) Make a list of goals and the ideal vision of the life I want to live.
5.) Write out my current schedule and review how I'm spending my time.
6.) Create columns of what is important to me (such as family, church, work, hobbies)
7.) Find ways to delegate or drop time eating occurrences from my life

You would be amazed what a little cleaning can do for your schedule and change the lives of your family and loved ones around you.

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